You may not be aware, but the Queensland Government is introducing new legislation regarding residential tenancies from 1 October 2022. These amendments are designed to give more security to tenants, and while we do not agree with all these changes, as a landlord you need to be aware and abide by them. Attached are fact sheets and FAQ’s to make yourself familiar with the new laws, but in summary the changes include:

  1. Ending a Tenancy – owners can no longer end a periodic tenancy without grounds; you must meet one of the provisions to end a periodic tenancy. The grounds to issue a notice to leave all come with provisions that the property cannot be rented again for 6 months unless it is for an unremedied breach or QCAT order. We are in the process of moving all our periodic tenancies back on to a fixed term so if your tenancy is currently periodic, we will be in contact shortly to verify your instructions if you haven’t done so already.
  1. “I want to move back into my property” – this remains relatively the same, if you or a relative wants to move into your property then you must give the tenant 2 months’ notice, or the end of their lease (whichever is later). If after the tenant has left, you do decide that you no longer want to move into the property, then you are unable to rent it for 6 months from the date you gave the tenant notice.
  1. Selling a Tenanted Property – again, this area remains relatively the same as the current laws. If the property is sold, the tenancy can be terminated with 2 months’ notice or the end of the lease (whichever is later), however if the property does not sell and the tenancy falls off a fixed lease into a periodic, then the same rules as (1) above will apply to the tenancy. The sales process has become a bit tricky, especially if you need the rental income to pay the mortgage, so if you are thinking of selling in the next 6-12 months please contact us and we will provide further advice.
  1. Pet Approvals & Refusals – you can no longer decline pets without a valid reason, and we cannot advertise a property as “No Pets Allowed”. You can still impose certain reasonable conditions when accepting pets (ie tenant responsible for repairing pet damage) but you need a valid reason to decline a pet.
  1. Maximum spend limits – previously your tenant could spend up to 2 weeks rent on emergency repairs. This has been changed to allow your tenant to spend up to 4 weeks rent on emergency repairs covered in their lease. We recommend increasing our approved spend limit for emergency maintenance to match the tenants’ limit as well, so if we cannot reach you, we can proceed in your best interest. To approve this change we will need you to complete a variation form for your management agreement. Let us know if you are happy to do this.
  1. Minimum housing standards – your property must be maintained to a minimum housing standard. No longer can an owner leave routine maintenance outstanding otherwise the property can be deemed to fall below the minimum housing standard and therefore subject to a Repair Order. New tenants can now leave the tenancy without penalty if the minimum housing standard is not met. This provision will be updated when new minimum housing standards come into effect on 1st September 2023 and all rental properties must be up to these standards by 1st September 2024. It is highly recommended you attend to any maintenance to ensure your legal liability obligations are met.
  1. Domestic & Family Violence – new provisions will allow tenants who are the victim of domestic or family violence to leave immediately without penalty, with 7 days’ notice. Previously they were held financially responsible for all damage and loss of rent, but this provision no longer applies, and the victim is no longer responsible for any damage to the property. Having witnessed fantastic long-term tenants fall onto hardship through loss of employment, injury, relationship breakdowns and domestic and family violence, it is now more important than ever to ensure you have adequate Landlord Protection Insurance. Please contact your preferred insurer or alternatively please contact our office and we can put you in touch with someone who can assist in this area.
  1. Changes to the death of a sole tenant – this will have a minimal effect on the day-to-day management of your property and we will handle the process with you should this occur.

There are quite a few changes that may affect you, so it is important to know your rights and responsibilities. If you have any questions about how the new laws might affect you or a situation at your property, please email us immediately and we will contact you at our earliest availability.

Best Regards,

Linda 姬琳达珍 and Carlos Debello (LREA)

LJ Gilland Real Estate Pty Ltd

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4th May 2022 Vendor/Landlord & Buyer/Tenant Five Star Reviews

#five #star #landlord 爱你的#vendor #热播的An Excellent Family Business As a landlord I have had Linda and Carlos manage my investment properties since 2003. The fact that I have stayed with them so long is testimony to the great service they have provided me over this 19 year period. During the recent sale of my property at North Lakes the service and support both Linda and Carlos provided me was typical of the high standard I was use to – achieving an excellent sales result in the process. I have found both Linda and Carlos to be honest, straight talking with a high degree of integrity which are traits very rarely found with realestate agents I have dealt with in the past. Due to my long association with Linda and Carlos I have found that I am treated more like an extended family member than a client and I feel privileged to be associated with them.

A decade long relationship culminating in a purchase

As a long term tenant for over a decade the team at LJG were friendly, professional and prompt. When given the opportunity to purchase the property they guided us through the process, minimising the back and forth with the vendor for a great result. We can’t recommend the LJG team enough.

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Changing Locks – Fact Sheet.pdf

Changes to the Tenancy Laws in Queensland_REIQ.pdf

Emergency Repairs – Fact Sheet.pdf

Ending Tenancy Agreements – Fact Sheet.pdf

Pets – Fact Sheet.pdf

Minimum Housing Requirements – Fact Sheet.pdf


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