Problem 01.

When NASA started with the launch of astronauts into space, they discovered that the pens would not work without gravity (or zero gravity), as the ink would not go down to the surface on which it was
I wish to write.

Solution A) Solving this problem, it took them 6 years and 12 million dollars. They developed a working pen: under zero gravity, backwards, underwater, practically any surface including glass and in a range of temperatures ranging from below the freezing point to over 300 grC

Solution B) And what did the Russians do? The Russians used a pencil!

Problem 02.

One of the most memorable case studies of Japanese management was the case of the empty soap box, which occurred at one of the largest product companies in Japan. The company received the complaint
from a consumer who bought a box of soap and was empty.
Authorities immediately isolated the problem of the assembly chain, which transported all the boxes packed of soap, to the delivery department. For some reason, a box of soap went empty down the assembly chain.. High officials asked their
Engineers who will find a good and quick solution to the problem.

Solution A) Immediately, engineers jumped into their work to devise an X-ray machine with high resolution monitors handled by two people and thus monitor all the soap boxes that went through the line to make sure they weren’t empty. They definitely worked hard and fast.

Solution B) When a common employee in a small business was posed the same problem, he did not enter into complications of X-rays, robots, computer equipment or complicated; instead he posed
Another solution: He bought a powerful industrial fan and pointed it toward the assembly chain.
He lit the fan, and while each box went through the fan, the empty ones just flew out of the production line.

Problem 03.

A hotel tycoon traveled to a Hindu city for the second time a year away from his first trip, as he reached the counter of a hotel lower in stars than his chain, the employee smiled at him and greeted him saying:
Welcome back sir, good to see you back in our hotel; surprised in a great way because despite being such an important person, he liked anonymity and hardly the employee would have such a good memory to know that he was there a year before, wanted to impose the same system on your hotel chain as that simple gesture made you feel very good. Upon his return he immediately put his employees to work on this issue to find a solution to his request.

Solution A) The solution was to find the best software with
face recognition, database, special cameras, response time in micro seconds, employee training, etc. etc.
At a cost of approximately $ 2.5 million.

Solution B) The tycoon preferred to travel again and bribe the hotel employee to reveal the technology they applied to him.
The employee did not accept any bribe, but humbly commented to the tycoon as they did, he said, ′′ Look sir, we have an arrangement with the taxi drivers who brought him here, they ask him if he has already stayed at the hotel to which he was they are bringing, and if it is
affirmative, then when he leaves his baggage here on the counter, he makes us a sign, and so he makes a dollar “.

Moral: Don’t get complicated! Conceive the simplest solution to PROBLEM. Learn to focus on SOLUTIONS and not, the PROBLEMS.

I loved this message, it’s the ones I’ll read more than once..

Always positive!, Never negative!

The son who often doesn’t clean his room and spends it watching TV means that…
He’s home!

The mess I have to clean up after a party means…
We were surrounded by family or friends!

Clothes that are tight, mean that…
I have more than enough to eat!

The job I have on cleaning the house means…
I have a house!

I can’t find parking, it means…
I have a car!

The noises of the city mean that…
I can hear!

The tiredness at the end of the day means that…
I can work!

The alarm clock I hear every morning means…
I’m alive!

Finally because of the messages I receive, it means…
I have friends thinking about me!


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