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Multimillion-dollar garage for sale (oh, with a penthouse too)

By Jennifer Karmon | Spaces – Fri, Jan 18, 2013 8:02 PM EST


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Click any photo to go to the property listing and see more photos.We’re no strangers to lavish home amenities at Yahoo! Homes. We’ve published moats, slides,magnificently deranged man caves and real-life spy lairs.

But we’re pretty sure this is the first garage so extravagant that the owner’s asking price frankly values the auto space more than the living space. Almost twice as much as the home itself, in fact.

We first spotted the headline from our partners at Curbed: "Sky-High Apartment Comes With a Subterranean Ferrari Garage." Although the2,537-square-foot Chicago condo is listed at $3.4 million (including garage), turns out you can buy the garage alone.

For a cool $2.1 million.

So really, it’s more like "Subterranean Ferrari garage comes with sky-high apartment" — which is almost exactly how the listing agent bills it on her agency’s website. ("In addition to the spectacular garage, the property comes with a 2,537-square-foot penthouse condominium.")

What kind of a garage is this? Well you might ask! According to its standalone listing on Yahoo! Homes, "12 garage spaces have been thoughtfully converted to a luxury showroom and entertaining space for the most discriminating buyer. With separate heat, AC, air handling & security, this 2,714-square-foot space is a collector’s dream come true."

It’s owned by vintage-car collector and racer Michael Leventhal, who told Crain’s Chicago Business in 2005:

"The building was developed by a friend, and I was able to accumulate 14 spaces. We enclosed 12 of them and built my fantasy garage. It’s so special I go there and have coffee in the morning. At the end of the day, when I’m all beat up, Kathy and I have a glass of wine there. We have parties there."

The photos are regrettably low-resolution, but they give you a sense of the Ferrari-red opulence of it all; click on any of them to go to the listing for more photos:

We’ll update with higher-res photos if we get them.

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